Why You Should Adopt a Dog Rather Than Buy One

Most of us love that faithful furry friend roaming about the house, wagging its tail and gleefully running to us at every beck and call. Yes, I am talking about dogs, those faithful and amazing creatures that really know how to give unconditional love to their owners. Just recently one of my friends adopted a Labrador puppy. And it was just amazing to see how the animal started behaving so obediently and how quickly it acquainted itself to my friend’s wife and children. My friend named it Spykar. He told me that Spykar was so well behaved because he was already trained by his previous owner who had to give him up for adoption as he had to move back to his native place and his mother who stayed there, was afraid of dogs. He came to know this through the owner of the pet shelter.

I thought about the countless number of dogs that end up in pet shelters. The worst thing for a dog to end up in a pet shelter is that the poor thing once had people to look after it and then, suddenly it was left alone and helpless. They knew what happiness was and then there was darkness. They are terrified of the new environment they are put into. Growls, yelps, barks, mews, unknown animals and unknown people make them feel frightened and traumatized in the unknown atmosphere. And in many cases, these animals undergo behavioral changes under the stress, which makes them eat less and hence become weak or they develop aggressive behavior. Under these conditions, they are finally euthanized. Adoption of these animals ensures that they get a second chance, a chance to live, get love and love back.

However, adoption does not confer the benefits only to the animal, but the owner as well. Just as in my friend’s case, as you can see, he had discovered that his newly adopted dog was already well-trained as it had been trained by its previous owner. This is one small benefit that adopting a little older pet from a pet shelter brings. Besides, once you adopt a dog, he knows that you have saved his life and he becomes loyal to you and gives you his unconditional love.

The benefits of having a dog by your side are many and I don’t want to go into the details as almost all of you are aware of it. So, when you decide to own one, you have two choices – adoption or buying from a pet store. Many choose the latter as they think that pets available in pet stores are healthier than those available in shelters. This is an absolutely wrong notion, as many dogs sold in pet stores come from puppy mills, where they are kept in deplorable and unhealthy conditions. They are not fed properly and do not receive any veterinary care. The owners of these stores have only profit-making in mind and any sort of extra expenditure for the proper care of these animals seem to be a liability for them. Pet adoption ensures that not only do you get a healthy animal, but also that you don’t give a dime to these profit-minded puppy mill owners.

There are thousands of dogs like Spykar, who become homeless. But not every dog is as lucky as Spykar. Most of them who end up in shelter homes and are unable to adjust to the new and strange atmosphere and become ill and die, or are euthanized. So, if you are planning to get a dog, please remember that there are lives waiting to be saved by you. So, choose the noble route of pet adoption.


7 Benefits of owning a pet

When it comes to owning a pet, there are clearly two groups of people. On the one hand there are pet owners who totally love the experience of owning a pet; on the other hand, there are people who either hate the thought of having an animal inside the house or hate the responsibility that comes along with having a pet.

No matter which category you belong to, this blog would be informative on how owning a pet brings a ton of benefits in your life. And if you are one of those people who doesn’t like having the thought of owning a pet, who knows reading this blog may lead you to think otherwise. So given below are the few major benefits that having that furry friend (non-furry in some cases) can enrich your lives.

  1. Decreases stress

Pet owners know this the firsthand that having a pet leads to a considerable decrease in stress levels. Whether you had a bad day at work or had an argument with your lover or spouse, when you open the door and see your furry friend waiting for you, craving your love and attention, believe me, half of the stress just disappears instantly.

  1. Promotes responsible behavior

Especially speaking in the context of younger people, children who grow up with pets by their side tend to be more responsible. The daily responsibility of feeding the animal, and taking care of its health and tending to its grooming needs infuses these young pet owners with a high sense of responsibility that remains with them throughout their lives and makes them responsible adults as well.

  1. Enhances mental health

It has been found that pet owners are psychologically better off as compared to people who don’t own pets. Previous research has also found that people who are facing serious health challenges like cancer, heart ailments, AIDS, etc., cope better mentally with pets by their side, as compared to ones who do not own pets.

  1. Prevents allergies

This is a proven fact that children who become pet owners from an earlier age, tend to have a higher immunity and are less prone to allergies.

  1. Improves health

There are many beneficial effects on health that owning a pet brings.  Among the various health benefits, the few worth mentioning are lowering of blood pressure in hypertensive patients, decrease in anxiety levels and easing the pain in painful chronic conditions.

  1. Improves fitness

This point goes out for those who own a dog. Taking out your dog for brisk daily walks help him keep in shape. But, in this process, you end up being fit as well due to those brisk daily walks.

  1. Offers companionship

In the course of owning a pet, some pet owners find out that the pet happens to be their greatest companion. You will end up believing that you are equally dependent on the pet as it is on you. And it turns out to be a mutually beneficial relationship and believe me, it is a totally enriching experience.

Owning a pet is a joyful experience. Pet owners will provide a firsthand account of this fact. So, if you don’t own one yet, start looking for that perfect pet.