Factors to Consider When Buying Pets!

Today anyone will agree to the general understanding that pets are members of the family, and that they are expected to be treated no lesser than us humans. Whether we are taking a pet for adoption or buying pets, it involves a lot of emotional baggage! It is as if we were taking in a new family member. Hence buying animals is BIG DEAL to many people! All pros and cons should be considered!

Let’s see some factors involved in accepting a pet in exchange for money:

  • Lifetime Commitment: When buying pets, this question you will have to ask repeatedly- Am I prepared to commit my entire life to this creature. Even a small goldfish in a bowl requires minimal care. Also, even though you may argue that a parrot or fish is smaller than a dog or horse, the fact still remains that such creatures may live longer than their larger counterparts! Sometimes, seeing the cuteness of the animal, people are distracted and forget the ‘commitment issues’.
  • Affordability: People may like an animal, but they tend to forget to ask themselves will  they be able to afford it? Exotic animals like reptiles- Yellow Throated Asian Water Monitor Lizards or  amphibians like Amazon Poison Arrow Frogs tend to swallow a huge gulp of the purchaser’s wallet green thing! Even in non-Exotic breeds of dogs and cats, if the animal is registered in an international kennel club or has predecessors as registered show quality, their price increases two-fold!
  • Understandability: This means do I have the necessary understanding knowledge base to care for a pet before buying pets? This can be a sweet long wait involving reading books, watching videos, and speaking top experienced professionals, breeders, owners, or doctors! KYP (Know Your Pet) is a necessity these days to prevent Pet Abuse in the long run!
  • Time Limitations: Pets eat up your time like ants a lump of sugar! Suddenly you may find yourself being less of a social bird, or a night crawler watching late nite flicks, or even get dumped by your love mate! Instead, you may be buying pets in addition to your rookie youngster to set up HIS love life!
  • Space Limitations: Now we don’t want an Arabian Stallion on the front porch now do we? By space, we do mean living accommodation but also you will have to gauge the noise level the pet makes, so that it will determine if that pet is best suited for the city signals or the village alleyways! Ex. African Guinea Fowls make such loud noises that they cannot be feasibly kept in cities, but require a large farmhouse with large open spaces (because their foraging range is much larger than domestic chickens!). A domestic goose or duck will require a large pond, and also soil (which can then efficiently absorb their poop!).
  • Integration into Priorities and (most importantly) Lifestyles: Old habits die hard, or so they say! Are you ready to walk your dog every single day? Or ready to take your pet to periodic vet doc visits?

The fact remains that you will have to change your life and SACRIFICE it for someone else (who deserves no less than a human being!). If your answer is an affirmative YES, then you can at least consider buying pets!



7 Benefits of owning a pet

When it comes to owning a pet, there are clearly two groups of people. On the one hand there are pet owners who totally love the experience of owning a pet; on the other hand, there are people who either hate the thought of having an animal inside the house or hate the responsibility that comes along with having a pet.

No matter which category you belong to, this blog would be informative on how owning a pet brings a ton of benefits in your life. And if you are one of those people who doesn’t like having the thought of owning a pet, who knows reading this blog may lead you to think otherwise. So given below are the few major benefits that having that furry friend (non-furry in some cases) can enrich your lives.

  1. Decreases stress

Pet owners know this the firsthand that having a pet leads to a considerable decrease in stress levels. Whether you had a bad day at work or had an argument with your lover or spouse, when you open the door and see your furry friend waiting for you, craving your love and attention, believe me, half of the stress just disappears instantly.

  1. Promotes responsible behavior

Especially speaking in the context of younger people, children who grow up with pets by their side tend to be more responsible. The daily responsibility of feeding the animal, and taking care of its health and tending to its grooming needs infuses these young pet owners with a high sense of responsibility that remains with them throughout their lives and makes them responsible adults as well.

  1. Enhances mental health

It has been found that pet owners are psychologically better off as compared to people who don’t own pets. Previous research has also found that people who are facing serious health challenges like cancer, heart ailments, AIDS, etc., cope better mentally with pets by their side, as compared to ones who do not own pets.

  1. Prevents allergies

This is a proven fact that children who become pet owners from an earlier age, tend to have a higher immunity and are less prone to allergies.

  1. Improves health

There are many beneficial effects on health that owning a pet brings.  Among the various health benefits, the few worth mentioning are lowering of blood pressure in hypertensive patients, decrease in anxiety levels and easing the pain in painful chronic conditions.

  1. Improves fitness

This point goes out for those who own a dog. Taking out your dog for brisk daily walks help him keep in shape. But, in this process, you end up being fit as well due to those brisk daily walks.

  1. Offers companionship

In the course of owning a pet, some pet owners find out that the pet happens to be their greatest companion. You will end up believing that you are equally dependent on the pet as it is on you. And it turns out to be a mutually beneficial relationship and believe me, it is a totally enriching experience.

Owning a pet is a joyful experience. Pet owners will provide a firsthand account of this fact. So, if you don’t own one yet, start looking for that perfect pet.